Missing in Action

If anyone sees or hears from , tell her to call home. I dropped her off at the airport on Saturday for her trip to South Dakota and haven’t heard from her since. Someone with her name has checked into the hotels she told me she was staying in, so I’m pretty sure she’s alive, but it’d be nice to know… =)

9 thoughts on “Missing in Action

  1. Update: I received a one-line email from someone claiming to be Corinna. This person asked me to call them tonight at the Lodge in which they are allegedly staying. We will see if this person is who they are claiming to be tonight at 10:30pm.

  2. Heh.. LJ is all fucked and I am unable to actually update the entry, I’ve been trying to update it for like 15 minutes now, so I ended up posting the update as a comment.

    1. That’s the funny thing, is that if I had been incommunicado while traveling for even HALF the time that she was, I would have been dead meat… :)

      1. I typically try to play the big independent “i’m not worried” person because i get so much shit when i am….

        now i kinda say fuck it. :) i’m callin’, you could be dyin’, if not – no harm, no foul.

        congrats on the house, by the way!

        (and my sister was in S. Dakota for 3 months, then told me she thought i would love to live there.)

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