Movers are a gift from god

The movers, Aviv Moving and Storage, came right on time this morning at 8:45, and they had all our stuff loaded into the truck by 10:30ish.  While they were loading the truck, Mauro dropped off the keys to the new place…  He also mentioned that the road our new place is on was closed for the day due to some power company work.  Fortunately, when we got over there with the moving truck, the cop let us past the cones and the truck made it into the driveway.  It took us awhile to get over there, mostly because we had to come in the “back way” due to the road closing, but we passed several “No Trucks” roads before finding one that would let us turn around and come in the back way.  The guys probably started unloading the truck around 11:15a and were done in an hour.  The total move time was about 3.5 hours, which is at least half of what it would have been had we done it ourselves.

I still have a few small things left in the old place, but I will throw most of that into the car tonight.  Our buyer has her final walkthrough scheduled for 6:30pm tonight, and our closings are at 10am and 3pm tomorrow.  Then, finally, the “buying” phase of operation new home will be complete, and we can move on to the insurgency.

One thought on “Movers are a gift from god

  1. If we have learned anything, you must not disband the appliances’ army. Otherwise they will align with local furnishings and stir up unrest among the utility hookups.

    In my secret prisons, only metaphors get tortured.

    Congratulations on Operation Enduring Maintenance!

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