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“Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six of your friends and tag them; no tag backs. This explanation should be included.”

  1. I am unable to wink.  When I try to wink, I manage to close one eyelid while the other lid mostly closes and flutters.  It almost looks as if I’m having a seizure.  Every once in awhile after lots of deliberate attempts I will pull of a vague approximation of a normal human wink.  This victory is short-lived.

    makes fun of this handicap.

  2. When I was young, I was out on Lake Hopatcong with my dad and Uncle Johnny in our 12′ fiberglass rowboat.  This boat happened to have a 10hp engine, which was likely way too much for such a small boat.  Anyway, we were cruising along at full speed when we hit a large wave, throwing everyone out of the boat.  The boat ran around at full speed in a widening approximation of a circle.  The boat kept passing me, getting closer at each pass..  Eventually a passing boat pulled me out of the water, and it was discovered I had a nasty gash on my ankle, going to the bone.  To this day, I maintain that the boat hit me while I was in the water and it was the boat motor which made the gash.  My dad thinks I cut my ankle on one of the fishing rod holders on the boat when I was flying out of the boat.
  3. When I first got to RIT, I had one of the small single rooms in Sol Heumann…   (TMI ALERT) I tend to prefer sleeping sans-pajamas, and since I had a private room, I did so.  One night there was a fire alarm in the building which I guess didn’t wake me up, and the female RA let herself into the room to wake me up.  I jumped out of bed, buck-ass naked, giving her quite a show.
  4. I had a Catholic baptism as a baby, went to church and catechism as a boy (

    even taught some of the classes), and was on track to be a good little fucked up Catholic.  But before my First Communion I mentioned to my mother that I didn’t want to bite god (receive the host), and my parents decided to remove me from catechism and let me make up my own mind when I was older.  Clearly, even as a child I recognized that eating the flesh of Christ was not only creepy but also dangerous!

  5. I can point my big toes directly towards each other (90 degrees from the way your feet are supposed to point) and walk forward.  My orthopedist told me I was “triple-jointed”, which I assume means “REALLY double-jointed”.
  6. I tried eggs again last weekend, I’m still not a fan.

One thought on “Meme courtesy of Rory

  1. First of all, I want to thank you for ending the communion streak (not much of a streak I know) for the rest of us. I would have had to wear a dress, and we all know how much I hate doing that.

    Second of all, I like to tell the story of your ankle as if it got caught in the ore holder and you were being held under water while a drunken daddy and uncle were swimming around collecting beer cans, I think it adds a little sumpin to it.

    And the toe thing is just strange. And I never knew about it.

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