Futile attempt to recover my Powerbook disk

Out of the blue last night my laptop’s hard disk died… The machine locked up, I hard rebooted it, but it hung on the Apple logo… I booted it up with my 10.4 system disk and tried to use Disk Utility to repair the disk, but that said it couldn’t fix the problem.. I tried (as you can see in this photo) TechTool Deluxe to try and repair the volume, but that also couldn’t fix things…

I finally decided to try and reformat the disk, but when that didn’t work, I realized the drives number was pulled… Fortunately I have Applecare and I backed up the disk on Thursday… =)

5 thoughts on “Futile attempt to recover my Powerbook disk

      1. 100GB.. I had about 30GB free on it.. My backup was pretty comprehensive, though.. As long as it restores well I should be in good shape..

    1. Re: How fortunate for the backup!

      I’m actually rather good about backups… I have a little reminder every two weeks to do a full backup, and I have a “documents & settings” backup I do nightly to my Amazon S3 account. But I backed up on thursday “off-cycle” because was borrowing my powerbook to bring to a conference she was speaking at on Friday, and I figured it was a good idea in case it got lost/dropped…

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