CSH had a problem with a drive upgrade and I lost my VM (donkey.csh.rit.edu)…  This included, among other things, BurroWiki…  This is fantastically awful…

4 thoughts on “Fuck.

    1. I was under the impression the machine was being backed up by CSH’s backup system, which was a big selling point for me.

      Apparently I was wrong.

      1. I haven’t trusted the RTP crowd in a couple of years, which is exactly why I only rely on them for power and network access. I’ll run my own machine since I can apparently do a better job of it than they can.

        1. See, I can’t do a better job… I want to do the minimal amount of sysadmining, and I *hate* hardware and dealing with it, so VM is really the ideal solution for me…

          I really don’t care if there are problems like this at CSH, this is how people learn. It just sucks that I was mistaken about them doing backups… Looking back through my email it turns out that i just made that up.

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