Firefox Pro-Tip

I’m not sure if this is documented anywhere, but I stumbled upon a cool keyboard shortcut in Firefox 2.0.  Control-Shift-T will restore (un-close) the last tab you closed.  There is Mac version of this shortcut too, I think it’s Apple-Shift-T, but I don’t have a Mac handy and I can never remember the names of their stupid meta keys, so I’m not 100%.

4 thoughts on “Firefox Pro-Tip

  1. Or you can right-click on the tab bar or on a tab and select “Undo Close Tab.” Another nifty feature is under the History menu, and that’s the “Recently Closed Tabs” drop down. 10 of your latest closed tabs are there, complete with browsing history (you can unclose them and use the back button to go through their previous pages).

    1. I knew about the menu items, but I’m a keyboard jockey, so I try to remove my hands from it as little as possible. Since this is a totally left-hand combination, I can quickly slam it while still having my hand on the mouse.

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