Burned Out Excitement!

and I have been trying to get ready to sell her condo.  We’ve gone to a bunch of open houses, started tying up the projects we’ve been procrastinating on for months now, and started identifying things that we need to sell, give away, or put into storage…  I lined up a 5×5 storage locker for us to keep the stuff we want to move to our new home, but that makes the current place look cluttered to prospective buyers.

This weekend we have several projects to keep us busy, including packing boxes to put in storage, installing the threshold under the bathroom door, painting, electrical, etc…   I know that after we move, there will still be tons of projects to do in the new place, but at least then I won’t feel so guilty about procrastinating, as I won’t be holding up the sale and purchase…  I’m really excited to finish this process and move into our new home…  That said, this weekend is going to suck…  :)

4 thoughts on “Burned Out Excitement!

    1. I’m not sure how much I’ve talked about it here, but it’s been on deck for quite some time… We’ve spent a bunch of time saving money for the down payment and closing costs, and things like the bathroom remodeling were gating the sale of her place (the bathroom was an abomination before).

      We’ve actually been planning on it for a few years, and several springs have passed after we mentioned to people that we were going to sell and buy in “The Spring”, and so we decided to just shut up until we were actually ready..

      Of course, if she can’t get what she wants for the place we live now, I guess we are back to square one. =)

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