I wrote a letter

I sent this letter to the city transportation department today:

As a pedestrian, it is pretty frustrating that vehicles on Parsons St. in Brighton are allowed to park on the sidewalk on a regular basis. It seems that everyone who parks on this street feels entitled to put one side of their car up on the sidewalk.

Looking at Article IV, Section 1:

“[..] No driver shall stop, stand, or park a vehicle in any of the following
places, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic,

2. Upon any sidewalk.”

Now, I’m sure those who are parking over the curb on the sidewalk are doing so to protect the drivers’ side of their car from sideswipe, but the fact of the matter is that Parsons St. is a very wide street, providing plenty of room for cars parked on both sides and moving traffic. I park my car on a much narrower street which has parking on both sides and nobody feels the need to park on the sidewalk.

I’d appreciate it if the city started enforcing this regulation.

8 thoughts on “I wrote a letter

    1. Parking infractions are handled by the parking clerk, which falls under the purview of the Transportation Department… Which is why you see those white vans with red BTD lettering on the sides driving around the streets of Boston ticketing cars…

  1. brighton problems

    if this is the biggest problem in your neighborhood you should really move someplace else.im guessing you are not originally from brighton? ive lived there my whole life and ive seen how much things have changed over the years and people putting two wheels on the sidewalk is not very high on the list.have you ever had someone piss against your living room window as you were sitting there watching tv and hoping the keg party next door ends before 4am? ever had someone park in YOUR driveway and called the cops and been told there are more important calls they need to respond to before they can get to your problem? ever had a TOILET thrown through your windshield? two wheels on the sidewalk? pick a better fight.

    1. Re: brighton problems

      I’ve lived in Brighton for 5 years. There’s no winning against drunk asshole students, no matter how much enforcement there is kids are still going to want to get drunk/high and stir up shit.

      But this is an easy problem for the city to deal with and they can make some money enforcing it.

      You’re telling me to pick a better fight? Sounds like you need to learn how to pick your fights, you know, ones that are winnable?

    2. Re: brighton problems

      Dude, if people are pissing on your window, and throwing toilets through your windshield, maybe YOU should move someplace else…although, from the sounds of it, I wouldn’t want you in my neighborhood either.

    1. Except it’s old douchebags that are the ones who are parking on the sidewalk so the young whipper snappers driving down the street don’t scratch their car….

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