3 thoughts on “Bizzaro-world?

  1. I totally called this. Two days ago I was talking to Bill about the election, and he was wondering what would change with a Democratic Congress. I said that Bush would toss Rumsfeld ASAP. The Army Times article may have been the last nail in the coffin, but I think this decision was made weeks ago – pressure has been mounting for months (particularly among conservatives displeased with how the war is going) that someone has to be held accountable for the incompetence in executing the Iraq War. Even if the Republicans had held both chambers, I think Rumsfeld might have gotten the ax.

  2. Stop reading my mind! This was exactly my thought when I heard the news. CNN just called Montana for the Dems. What has the world come to!? Also I have to agree with James this has been coming for awhile, and the times article, along with the backlash from promenant neocons signaled the final end of Rummy.

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