The god of renovations finally smiles

The bathroom is finished! Well, the contractor is finished, at least. and I have some small work to do ourselves (like baseboard and door trim, painting, light sanding, etc. — stuff that is easy for us to do but would have cost alot to have them do). Anyway, I took a shower in my own home this morning as opposed to having to shower at work, so I’m a much happier camper.

Anyone know what’s going on with the CSH systems? I can’t connect to anything, and really need to check my mail, I’m expecting a very exciting message.

4 thoughts on “The god of renovations finally smiles

  1. I have been told that an upgrade to the RIT firewalls this morning caused some issue with the CSH firewall context. Of course, they are all still asleep so probably don’t even know.

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