5 thoughts on “Me in the Boston Metro

  1. Now that is something. Nothing like signing “lesbian” to every reader of the Boston Metro.

    BTW, how was the Vice? I would’ve made it, but my dad didn’t leave the city until 5:45, so I couldn’t get to the theater in time.

    1. Hahah, that picture is 4 years old, yet it wasn’t until today that anyone (Jeremiah actually beat you to it) recognized that I was signing “Dyke” (that sign is actually pejorative, so it is more like the english “Dyke” than “Lesbian”).

      The movie was better than I expected, but I didn’t expect much at all. It was a crappy but fun popcorn action movie… You don’t NEED to see it, but you don’t have to avoid it either.

  2. metro retro

    this is cool grahams, i’ve been meaning to join you guys to see it in action. it’s nice exposure. way to drop the ASL.

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