Welcome Back

I reserved a room at the Henrietta Microtel for the CSH Welcome Back party in September… Room was $50/night, which is a pretty good deal, so hopefully the room doesn’t suck.

6 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. The Microtel is not too bad for the money. If the walls could talk, they’d tell a pretty good story about the last time I stayed there…

  2. So whatever happened to the mid year CSH alumni outing? We should try to plan something a little more concrete this year. Maybe something in Boston to start since most of you are already there?

    1. I never heard of any such plans, so I can’t say what happened to them… To be honest, I go to CSH at least twice a year, so I’m not desperately itching for another get together… =)

      1. We discussed the prospect last year (I think) when you were in the Radisson. Of course, it was CSH 30th, so we did all happen to be there in the frigid snow.

        1. Well, if it was at the Radisson it was longer ago than the 30th, because we were at the Super 8 for the 30th… But I seriously don’t remember that conversation :P

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