8 thoughts on “I’m Awesome

  1. I know how to pump my own gas too, so that’s not it…

    I would have been higher, but I don’t have anyone I suspect to be connected in my neighborhood.

    1. There’s a guy who moved in next to my parents. Neither he nor his wife work, they’re very Italian, and they they constantly throw money into their house. They are not a young couple, but they aren’t old either, I’d say 30-ish. They have 2 kids (~ 4 or 5 years old) and bring in large numbers of guests in during the weekends.

      My dad will not help him with anything because being in the mob explains the steady influx of money. He doesn’t want to be owed anything by the guy, or for that matter, piss him off. So yeah, 82% even with suspecting someone of being in the mob.

  2. You can answer that question….the FBI swarmed the people in the McDonald’s old house last year….it was the talk of the neighborhood for weeks :)

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