The Dresden Dolls

and I caught The Dresden Dolls last night at the Orpheum. It’s crazy to see a local band go from tiny little clubs to (apparently) selling out the Orpheum. We got there just as the second opener, Humanwine was finishing their set… Totally not my thing, and I believe that every one of their songs had the word “bone” in the lyrics, but hey, whatever.

There was some of the usual circus antics between them and the Dolls. Our seats, which looked great on paper, were terrible. Although we were only four rows back from the stage, Amanda was almost completely obscured by the amps, and so we spent the whole show leaning over to try and see both members of the band at once. Brian hit as hard as ever, and Amanda’s voice was about as “on” as it’s ever been. They seemed to play for like 2 hours, playing tons of covers as well as most of their new album, “Yes, Virginia”. It was a fantastic show, even if it went way past Corinna’s bedtime… :)

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