7 thoughts on “Q: What would make Boston even better?

      1. Well, as long as there is Lone Star beer and nachos…
        …and punk girls on skates in catholic school uniforms.

        Actually, I think its really cool its popping up in other states. We went to an interstate game (Austin vs. Tuscon) a few months back and it was much better than the intra-leauge games – no doubt in part due to the fact that it was sorta an all-star team from Austin.

        1. Well, the guy I met on Friday who hooked me up with the derby knowledge said that this upcoming St. Patrick’s day is their first league game, but if that’s the case then where did the pictures come from on their website? Perhaps that was just exhibition or something…

          Anyway, I’ll give you a full report on the Lone Star and Nachos standings after I attend… =)

          (My guess is there won’t be any Lone Star, but then what do I know… ;P)

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