Headlight Jesus Didn’t Die for MY Sins!

I had the 3rd headlight in like 6 months die on me yesterday… I am very careful not to get oil from my fingers on the bulb, so I don’t know what’s causing it.. I changed brands this time, so hopefully that will make a difference….

In other Hawkeye news, I had to get his brake pads replaced on Saturday (the little scrap-y doohickey was doing it’s job, so I knew it was time). The mechanic said the rotors needed to be replaced too, and I trust this place a little bit, so I went with his opinion… Rotors for my car are apparently only $40/each so it’s not as bad as I expected. I even did the smart thing and drove over (the mechanic is in Cambridge) and walked back to the apartment, and then when they called saying it was done I walked back, which was about 4 miles total.

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