Go Go Gadget Dock

I’ve heard people grumble about the OS X Dock’s behavior before, but today I had my first real problem with it, the “Finder” item in the dock removed itself from the dock and planted itself on the desktop, but it was completely non-functional and couldn’t be dragged back to the dock. Killing the dock fixed the problem.

8 thoughts on “Go Go Gadget Dock

          1. I’ve stopped using the dock by just starting my apps via spotlight. Not having to take my hands off the keyboard to mouse/touchpad + click a dock item.

            1. A) Spotlight is hardly a dock replacement.. If you use the Dock solely for launching applications, maybe, but you lose all the status and running app information the dock gives you.

              2) Spotlight sucks for launching apps… The Spotlight UI blows: The “find as you type” is totally too sensitive so as I’m typing it searches again and again and takes way too long for the results to appear. Quicksilver is a way better launcher in that vein… It has find as you type, but it is responsive in a way that Spotlight only dreams about. Plus it does a million other things and is free. The next version of spotlight will probably be great, but it sucks pretty hard right now.

  1. I haven’t had a problem with the dock doing that. However, I had a similar problem while using the “clean up desktop” feature; an icon didn’t “clean up” and then was unselectable or draggable until the computer was restarted.

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