Dental Happenings

I had my six-month cleaning at the dentist today, and it’s the first time in like, 10 years, where they didn’t find any cavities… It’s about time all this dental hygiene paid off… I was finally able to start flossing thanks to those Reach Access doohickeys, which now come in Mint flavor which rocks socks!

2 thoughts on “Dental Happenings

  1. On my dentist’s recommendation I got a Sonicare back in 2002 or something… It seemed to help, but I still got cavities… Hopefully my new flossing regiment will do the trick.

    The nice thing about the Sonicare is the “Quad-Pacer” thingy.. It beeps every 30 seconds giving you an idea of how long you’ve been brushing, and stops after 2 minutes (the recommended time, although it is all adjustable). This way it’s easy to brush for 2 mins, and you know you are giving everything fairly equal time.

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