Brokeback Mountain Chopper

I had been avoiding Brokeback Mountain because it seemed like it was a gimmick movie. All the press and attention I had heard had been focused on how great it was that it was a gay cowboy movie. But pickin’s for this past weekend’s film club were slim, and I had heard some really good reviews of the film, so I picked it for the club. Turns out it really was a great film.. It was tasteful, not over the top, and just a really well put together film and story. Heath Ledger is as good as everybody says he is, and even Donnie Darko did a good job…

Getting much better at flying the helicopter.. I’m able to hover it for 30 seconds or more without having to touch it down again… Back at work this morning, it’s slow going trying to get back into the swing of things after 11 days of vacation… =)

10 thoughts on “Brokeback Mountain Chopper

  1. Yeah…

    I was wondering why you hadn’t seen it yet, movie fiend that you are…and
    being in a place that was actually showing it, too!

    I saw it a couple of days ago in Baltimore (opened early there in one theater) and was quite pleasantly surprised. I’d heard it was great, but mostly from gay men (one of them had seen it FOUR TIMES already…and cried every time) and I figured maybe they were a bit biased. Ya know, two major cuties going at it in a tent, what’s not to love? But it really was good, and just about everyone in the theater was crying, even the straight people…

    1. Re: Yeah…

      I almost got a little misty… :)

      But yeah, all the hype made it sound like a total gimmick movie… “He’s just a beat cop who falls into a major crime syndicate and has to shoot his way out… BUT HE’S BLIND!!!”

      I really liked it… Plus they threw in some heterosexual sex for us straight people… =)

  2. I’m glad to hear that a hetero male enjoyed the movie, but I am sure I still won’t be able to get Andy to go see it with me. I guess I will have to fly solo for some Heath viewing pleasure.

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