7 thoughts on “Recent Movie Tidbits

      1. yeah, I didn’t see him either, but ‘s dad pointed it out. Apparently (not sure if this is in IMDB or not) the first plane’s pilot and gunner played the same role in the original king kong.

  1. (mini-introduction: I see your posts about about the boston movie club, and decided to peek at your journal. not stalking)

    My boyfriend and I saw King Kong this weekend and heard the Wilhelm scream as well. We both turned to each other like, “didyouhearthatWilhelmscreamOMG”

    1. STALKER! *jk* =)

      There are several sound effects I hear rehashed in all kinds of movies (and other media)… I “knew” about the wilhelm before I knew what it was called… I just figured it was a really inexpensive scream, being I heard it all over the place, but the internet eventually taught me that sound designers knew it sucked and put it in on purpose… It gained even more cred after I learned that… Now I hear it and chuckle… =)

      There is a series of waterdrops falling in a particular sequence that seems to be used in “musty” locations in film, and I wonder if I’m the only one that freaks out when I hear it.. I believe it was used in Quake I as well, perhaps I can pull it out and put it up online…

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