is having some friends over tonight to celebrate the completion of her classes… Our apartment is so small, it should be interesting to actually have a party there with more than 6 people… =) I’ve been distributing the load of obtaining all the stuff she wanted acrossed the past few days. I have one more trip to the grocery store this evening before I’m done. Last night after she got back from work we cleaned the apartment. It’s been so long that I think I’ve forgotten what it’s like having a girlfriend who doesn’t spend every evening in class or tethered to the computer. It will be nice to have her (somewhat more) relaxed and not stressing out about a new assignment, etc.

Tomorrow is the Goodrich christmas party, which hopefully won’t be lame. Last year was OK, and Corinna’s volunteered to be DD, so I can take better advantage of the open bar this year… I have convinced more of my coworkers to go, so hopefully we can at least make an oasis of cool..

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