catching up

I’ve really been neglecting this here journal, haven’t I? Friday and I went to the Star Wars exhibit at the Museum of Science with Garrett and Steve from work. It was OK, but it was way lamer than I expected. I guess if I was a kid I probably would have enjoyed it more.

Saturday I mostly just hung out around the apartment although Corinna and I took a nice walk to get some lunch and run some errands. Later on I met up with , , , and Sue for some delicious Kelly’s Roast Beef! So, so good.

Tonight is “Walk the Line” with the Sunday Night Film Club. Tons of people have told me they are coming, so it should be a pretty big group tonight.. This has it’s pluses and minuses… It’s great the club is popular, but it’s also tough to manage that many people for the after-show discussion/food routine.

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