Last Temptation of Reid

I forgot to mention that on Monday the Dresden Dolls opened the show with an amazing cover of “Science Fiction/Double Feature” from Rocky Horror… It was such a great choice to open a halloween show.

The past few days have been rather hectic for me… I will rehash it all soon, but I just don’t feel up to it yet and some of it needs to remain private for now…

I was listening to AC/DC on the way into work the other day and when “You Shook Me” came on I was instantly brought back to a Boy Scout meeting in an elementary school gym (probably Hudson Maxim or Durban Avenue) and Ramsay Reid belting that song out at the top of his lungs… I haven’t thought about that in ages…

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    1. It’s not so much a schedule as a random guess I make Wednesday evening… =)

      I know that a bunch of people in the club are crazy to see the movie, so if it opens next weekend, it’s probably the one I will pick..

      I’m a little anti-Joaquin Phoenix, so my excitement is tempered, but I’m sure it will be a good film….

      1. yeah, it opens next wknd :-) I don’t really care about joaquin phoenix either, it just sounds like a great movie.

        you’re the movie-picker guy? that rocks.

        1. I run the whole club, so while I consider people’s input, the buck stops here… =)

          About 2.5 years ago I took the club over from the person who started it…

          1. that rocks. what’s up with you guys? do anything cool this weekend? we’re still unpacking– everything’s been insane and the apartment is full of boxes! we were supposed to stop by a party last night but we ended up just staying in. one of the radiators is in the process of being fixed and it wakes us up every night with a machine gun-like clatter ;)

            btw, was capote any good? i wanted to see that one, too, but i havent yet.

            1. that rocks. what’s up with you guys? do anything cool this weekend?

              Other than the film club, not much… and I went to the Arnold Arboretum in JP on Sunday for an hour or two… It’s a really great place to just go for a walk, and Sunday was just so nice out…

              Saturday night I hung out with Matt and Adam for a while…

              Other than that, it’s the usual… Corinna is finishing her MS next month so she is in full-on responsibility mode… I’m picking up her slack around the house, etc… It will be awesome when she’s done… She’s been in school almost the entire time I’ve known her… =)

                1. Deal is pretty straightforward… Movie is at 7:30pm at Fenway, and I will be there around 15-20 minutes in advance in the little seating area they have between the ticket booth and the arcade machines… Meet there, or if you are running late, look for us outside of the theatre after the show (or give my cell a buzz).

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