It actually snows inside

Add this one onto the “decoration cycle” passe pile

Photo 01.jpg

Update: As said, this is a 4-5 foot high inflatable snow globe with a fan inside that blows styrofoam “snow” around the inside of the globe.

9 thoughts on “It actually snows inside

  1. I saw one of these at my local supermarket, Super Stop & Shop. I wondered how long it would actually live on a front lawn. They were asking $150 for it too. I didn’t think supermarkets carried products that were $150.

    1. snow globe

      Now children, don’t make fun of the old lady….remember I used to also be under the delusion that I was “Santa’s Helper”for many a year!!! I thought it was kid of cute for little kids to get excited over…but, I doubt it would survive outside for long…Decorations are definitely out of control in that we have not had Halloween yet!!! Hope you are well son…as for your sister, remember you are now once again, close enuff to beat in person!!! Hugs!!

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