More on the Superboard II

My dad read my earlier journal entry on the computers I’ve used and provided more info on his Superboard II:

By the way, our first computer was an Ohio Scientific Superboard II, as far as I know there was never a “III”. It had 24K of ROM and 4k of static RAM, later expanded to a whopping 7k. Data storage was on cassette tapes. It had a 6510 8 bit processor (Update: Think he actually meant 6502) clocking over at a cool 1mhz. It had a keyboard built in and output NTSC B&W video. It had built in 8k Microsoft BASIC in ROM, as I recall I remember seeing Bill Gates name in the code when I did a hex dump of the ROM. It also had a bug in the string garbage collector that would crash the computer after basic was used for a while – thanks Bill.

Update: My dad also found this page with some more Superboard info as well as links to software and an emulator!

3 thoughts on “More on the Superboard II

  1. neat. i’d never heard of that computer before.

    We started with a TI 99/4A, as well as a Mattel Aquarius, which I got from a cousin. I also had borrowed a Timex Sinclair from the local library. That was cute. :D

  2. Errr… I think you mean 6502. 6510’s didn’t happen until a few years after Ohio Scientific tanked in the personal computing market. Hmm. You know, I just had a thought. If I had an icepick right now, there exists the distinct possibility I would JAM IT INTO MY SKULL TO DESTROY ANY AND ALL BRAIN CELLS THAT HAVE ACTUALLY HELD ONTO THIS USELESS and potentially embarassing KNOWLEDGE! AUGH! WHY DO I EVEN STILL KNOW THIS? AUGH AUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!1!1!!$#@%^#!%^@!!%#@FTSAVxT2%^@^@^@^@^@

    1. You may be right, we’ll have to wait to see if my dad has anything to say about this… If they were pin compatible it’s possible he might have upgraded it himself, otherwise he probably just took advantage of your recent icepick revelation awhile ago… =)

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