I haven’t posted anything in forever…. Well, the past few weeks I have been to NJ, got into a small auto accident, seen DJ Z-Trip, and went to the CSH Welcome Back party… All of which probably merit more details, but I’m feeling
sorta lazy…

I spent all morning moving my stuff from one cube to another…. I’m getting comfortable in my new cube, but someone has to mount my whiteboard to the wall….

4 thoughts on “yawn

    1. He was good… He’s technically amazing, and his mixes are great, but something was missing that I couldn’t put my finger on.. I am not super into turntablists, and I’m not a huge fan of his Uneasy Listening album with DJ P, but have always thought he was very talented….

      The whole show was also a veiled Playstation advertisement….

      1. I agree with Sean, the show was good, but not great (like the Scratch tour show). I think what was missing is his mixing and scratching *recognizable* songs. There were some in there, but he’s trying to be more “legit” so it mostly dropping stuff from the new album.

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