My favorite animal: Pig

Went to Rochester with this weekend for Scoot’s yearly barbeque… We left Boston around 12:30pm, but thanks to traffic and other nonsense we didn’t arrive at the barbeque until around 8pm (after picking up )… The food had only been served at 7:30pm, though, so we didn’t miss out on any of the good eats. This year Scoot and company were trying to keep the number of people down as the event had become overwhelming… I didn’t see there, and there were a few other Rochestarians who I usually see only at the barbeque each year that were missing, but it was great catching up with those I did see… Corinna thought it was strange that I would drive 400 miles to a barbeque where I only knew 5-6 people, but I don’t think she understood that A) I only get to see these people once or twice a year, and 2) I really, really, really like pulled pork.

We stayed at James, Jared, and Paul’s… Jared was out of town, so he kindly offered up his room for us to use, which was much better than couch or floor surfing… After the barbeque, we returned to the house and just kind of hung out bullshitting and watching bad broadcast HDTV (the first time I really had a chance to watch HDTV for any significant amout of time)…. There was this documentary on covered bridges on PBS that was painfully boring but trapped us… Saturday morning we hit up Dibella’s for some delicious subs and then headed over to the Eastman House to check out the exhibits and take the house tour. Corinna really dug Eastman House, as I expected she would, so even if she felt bored the rest of the weekend, at least I scored some points there.. :) Saturday night we went to the Old Toad and had some food and drink before retiring with a bunch of people to the house…

Sunday we left early and on the way back stopped by my Aunt Kathy & Uncle Bob’s to visit with them and their menagerie… Both donkeys (burros, donkayas) were present, as was their blind horse who is lead around their field by the two donkey prophets. Their three legged dog (Buster, not to be confused with my parent’s dog), in addition to their more “normal” animals (two more dogs and an annoying bird) were around as well. We chatted it up with them (my Aunt & Uncle, not the animals) for a few hours, checking out my Aunt’s new Vespa and Bob’s MG (or as Corinna called it, his “buggy”). We left there around 2pm, which was FAR too late to make it back to Boston on time for the film club, so I showed up about halfway into Labyrinth (which still gave me plenty of exposure to David Bowie’s bulge).

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