Still hate Freebird

and I got into a free screening of The Devil’s Rejects on Wednesday. It was first come, first served, but they were already turning people away when we had gotten there. Determined to at least give it the old college try, I went up to the ticket taker and said “Hi, I’m Sean Graham with The Phoenix“. The guy said “Oh, you’re with the press, right on through” and let us pass into the theatre. Now be clear, I did win my tickets from The Phoenix, so it wasn’t a complete lie… :)

We got into the theatre and pretty much all the seats were full (go figure, given the above), so we were banished to the front row… We probably would have asked for a refund if we had paid, but the tickets were free, so we sucked it up. The film was great, assuming you are into horror/gore films. Rob Zombie definitely gave the film a distinct 70’s horror feel, and even though this was a genre film, he did an outstanding job… He really does have a clear and vivid vision and is really able to get it up on the screen well. It went for fewer laughs than his previous film, House of 1000 Corpses, but there were still some funny moments (uncomfortably or otherwise).

4 thoughts on “Still hate Freebird

  1. Saw you posting in the b0st0n community, noticed you’re not a part of the freescreenings community, thought I’d do my civic duty of informing you of its existence. ;) that way you don’t have to act like you’re press. heh.

    1. I found out about the screening through , which I do read, just not on my friends page (I don’t have many communities at all on my friends page). I have it as one of the feeds in my RSS reader.

      I had to act like I was press because the screening was first-come, first-served and I got there after they closed it out… Most of the screenings I’ve attended via have been first-come…

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