Holiday Weekend

Travelled back to NJ this weekend to spend the holiday with family and friends, and it was a surprisingly nice trip, including very little in the department of travel headaches. and I left her office in Cambridge around 2pm on Friday and landed in Hopatcong around 7pm.. We hit a bit of traffic, including the tail end of the friday rush hour on Route 80 in NJ, but other than that it wasn’t too bad. I did get busted for speeding in lousy CT (i hate that state), but one $244 fine later (and no points on my license) means it could be worse… It’s part of the gamble of speeding…. Anyway, we spent alot of time on the boat, swimming, and playing with the dogs… came up from the dirty south, which is good because I don’t get to see my littlest sister much anymore, and now that she’s moving into the dirtier south, that situation will probably only get worse. We also caught War of the Worlds sunday afternoon which was OK, even if it did remind me how dire the theatre situation is around my hometown.

We made it back into Boston in the early evening last night, and the trip was pretty painless… We made it in four hours, and didn’t really hit any traffic… We got back in town and didn’t do much of anything, as I was whiny and tired… Corinna worked on homework and went to the store to get dinner, and at 10:30p we went up on the roof to watch the Boston fireworks, which were great.

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