Random Musings

Gonna get ready for the Film Club in a little while… We’re going to see some anime movie, which wasn’t my choice, but sometimes it pays to be a benevolent dictator… My leg is slowly getting stronger, but it still gets pretty sore after a full day of tooling around… For the first time in my life I can honestly say that taking Ibuprofen has had a tangible positive effect on the soreness of my leg..

and I went to a party at Rob’s (a.k.a. Zack, a.out, McFly, etc…) place out in Billerica. It was fun, and we had a good time, but there was this huge douchebag there who I couldn’t stand (and apparently most of my coworkers also hated)… We managed to avoid most of the drama, however, and kept the focus on having a good time. On the way home , , , and I stopped at Kelly’s Roast Beef for some goodness.

Today I got into a conversation with the Crazy Hippie Lady across the hall… I originally was trying to do some recon into her craziness, but it ended up turning into this 30 minute conversation I couldn’t escape.. At least now I know that cell phones will give me brain tumors, and that she’s had someone breaking into her apartment since 1991, but the person doesn’t actually steal stuff, they just move things around her apartment. Fortunately she had that security system installed yesterday.

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  1. Crazy neighbors rule! (only if they are harmless of course, which your lady sounds) Just don’t use your cell phone in front of her because I have found when you confront someone on their delusions, they do not react well :)

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