This honkey’s gone to heaven

Saw the doctor this morning and everything looked good.. He progressed me to “Full Weight Bearing (as tolerated)”, so as soon as I can progress as I can stand it.. I have been trying things out today, such as walking with one crutch and without them altogether.. My leg is completely weak, so it takes alot out of me, but it’s good to feel like I’m finally making some real moves towards simulating you non-cyborg-zombie humans. Soreness but no pain (so far.. :P)

In more exciting news, I finally requested an X-Ray CD from St. E’s Radiology department, so in a few days I’ll have some images to share with y’all.

8 thoughts on “This honkey’s gone to heaven

    1. A Bloodhound Gang reference (the song is “Fire Water Burn”, which as we learned from Michael Moore is the favorite song all soldiers in serving in Iraq) which itself was a Pixies Reference… I love both bands, so it’s a double whammy… :)

      The whole bit from the BG song goes a bit like this:

      I’m not black like Barry White no I am white like Frank Black is,
      So if man is five and the devil is six than that must make me seven,
      This honkey’s gone to heaven

  1. And there is a livejournal…

    I located your website via doing a search for “good eats” dvds and after getting annoyed with foodnetwork’s site, as I knew I would, perused further down the page and found your list of dvds (desired dvds?). We have an extreme similar taste in that kind of arena, btw. Actually not ‘btw” as that was pretty much the main reason for commenting, and the secondary thing of “yes, NJ has good things” is a btw. Since I live in PA, I deal with the highways and byways of NJ an almost unhealthy amount, and do have a liking for the ezpass speed things, though I no longer have an ezpass.

    There is a rather disturbing amount of similarities in tiny things all around your page…little things like my mom growing up in hopatcong, and a whole bunch of other things that I would be better at listing now if it wasn’t 4:11am and my attention diverted by an infomercial done by apparently drunk southern people. Highly amusing, but a bit tiring and distracting all at the same time.

    So anyway, hello, nice dvds, lotsa similarities in things, good eats rocks, ezpass=good, eats=good, nj=good, skiing=broken things, and yeah…hi.

    1. Re: And there is a livejournal…

      Heheh, I am still infatuated with my home state (NJ), I mean, I did live there for 20 years non-stop… Plus, I feel the need to defend it because people have this bogus stereotype of the state based on Newark and the areas adjacent to NYC (and Philly, to some degree).

      1. Re: And there is a livejournal…

        Despite being born in Brooklyn, and having a love for my birth state akin to that which rappers have for their home towns, I’ve actually lived longer in Pennsylvania than I have in NY,,,but most of my inbetween life was spent going through and spending bits of time in NJ. So when I’ve been in PA for the past long amount of time, I have to defend not only NY and NJ but PA too. And yes, a huge thing is explaining to the people that Philly is not all of PA, it is not all like that, I’ve only even been there twice…not everyone in PA goes to philly, lives near it, or even likes it.

        Of course the main NJ thing…have you read a lot of issues of ‘Weird NJ’ ? I love their stuff, and often travel to go see the things in it, if theyre still up. Even things I cant check out myself I love to read and hear about. They actually have had pictures of my bottle (I call it MY bottle) that is in Newark and about to be torn down. The big now red (rust?) that used to be blue pabst brewery building and bottle are on the way out, and it saddens me so much…every time I drive by it, I see the way that construction is stoped tearing down the building because theyre up to the point where the bottle stands on the roof…they have to take it down, and there WAS talk of putting it up in a park or something, but no takers.

        Hell, Id put it in my back yard if I thought I would be allowed, I love that bottle, it is a symbol and reminder of happy times with good friends. *sniff* So it was nice that Weird NJ had a few pictures and an article on it. I suppose it had to happen eventually, because they tend to have anything even remotely interesting about the state catalouged, but Im glad it happened before its death.

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