what 5 musicians have you spend the greatest amount of time listening to? (doesn’t have to be in order, that could be too hard)

my list is:

  • Faith No More
  • Mr. Bungle
  • Talking Heads
  • Skinny Puppy
  • Nine Inch Nails

10 thoughts on “For

  1. Cumulatively, I have no idea. Over the past couple of years:

    • Coheed and Cambria (first by a WIDE margin)
    • Death Cab for Cutie
    • The Flaming Lips
    • The Weakerthans
    • Wilco

    Screw you faggy NIN fans. I’m so indie.

  2. You and Goose would get along well musicly.
    Mike Pattons otherside bands scare the shit out of me.

    Modest Mouse
    Against Me!
    Johnny Cash
    Social D

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