10 thoughts on “Trumped Me!

    1. she’s checking her emails right now. (i sent an update to her that it was Jim Bohanon’s show…) and she was *very* fast at responding… so she’s near a computer right now.. that should narrow it down a little.

      1. I’m pretty sure there’s one permanently attached to her. She pretty much blows my mind as far as media savvy goes. I’m not really sure how she does it. I was pretty pissed I missed the Survival Research Laboratories show in LA (due to an unavoidable trip to Hometown, NY) on 4/2, but I became inconsolable when I saw that both Xeni and Bruce Sterling were there. Xeni aside, Bruce is pretty much the last author I care about meeting, after William Gibson and Hunter S. Thompson (no picture, but I have been in his presence).

        P.S. I don’t really want to stalk her (god knows I haven’t the time), but meeting her would be awful neat.

        1. Xeni seems cool, but there’s something strange about her jawline that leads me to keep her at arms length…

          And you might not have a pic of the good doctor, but you have his autograph…

          1. I know what you mean about the jawline. For the record, my fascination with her isn’t at all sexual. It’s just how she seems to be everywhere cool. At least in LA.

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