Best Spam Subject Ever

You must transmute to the top-grade chap for your wife !!

Isn’t that great? I find that while SpamAssassin does a bang-up job preventing 99.9% of the spam that comes my way from getting to me, the ones that do slip through are so fantastically obfuscated that I tend to be pretty amused by them… :)

Dad came up to Boston yesterday to bring me back to NJ for a week… After a little driving break for him we piled into the Sonata and made our way back to NJ, getting in about 7ish or something… I was feeling pretty lousy yesterday, but I’m doing better today… came over today bearing Pork Roll & Cheese, which is as delicious as always… I was missing my family and friends, and it’s nice to have a bit of a change of cell, er, environment..

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