I’m Stupid

I was trying to use DeDRMS to fix my purchases from iTunes, but was getting an Array OOB exception when trying to run it… I spent an hour or two looking at the source, trying to track down the problem.. Today, I realized that I had v1.1.4 of Mono installed when the latest version is v1.1.6. I noticed that the DeDRMS page said it required v1.1.6, but I guess I figured since I first installed mono a week and change ago I must have the latest version. Turns out this isn’t so much the case, I updated to the latest version, and everything fell into place.

Comcast’s DNS servers shit the bed last night, fortunately CSH’s DNS servers are permanently ingrained in my head so I was able to work around it.

3 thoughts on “I’m Stupid

  1. I assumed it was just Comcast in DC sucking. I wasn’t as l33t as you with my fix…though I did remember the ip for fury so I could get the csh dns.

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