I finally finished reading “Idoru” last night… I was spending too much of my copious free time recently dicking off on the computer, so I made a conscious effort to read more often.. It was a good book, I thought it was better than friends had made it out to be, but it wasn’t Gibson’s best. I’m looking forward to reading the final book in this trilogy, “All Tomorrow’s Parties”, as friends have spoken very highly of it.

Speaking of William Gibson, when I saw him read from “Pattern Recognition” in Harvard Square he mentioned when he began writing his next book he’d have to give up on the weblog as he found the two forms of writing mutually exclusive… He posted to it a few times in March, however, which makes me wonder if he has finished that book… I wouldn’t be upset if he continued the story of “Pattern Recognition”, as I found that to be his most engaging book in a long, long time.

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  1. I have Pattern Recognition but haven’t read it yet. I’ve had it for almost a year now too. I’m glad you said something about it. Sucks he doesn’t post to the blog much, but as engaging as I like his commentary there, I’m far more in favor of his novels. Perk: I found Warren Ellis’s blog through Gibson’s. Now that’s some disturbing shit.

    How’s you leg?

    Got me a new laptop recently too. Can’t wait to go skiing.


    1. You really CAN’T wait to go skiing, I mean, the season’s almost over!

      My leg is slowly healing, although it’s gonna be another 4 weeks before my next doctor’s appointment where he will hopefully start letting me put some weight on it..

  2. No Maps for These Territories is like the movie version of Gibson’s blog. The documentarians get a little slappy with the background effects–unecessarily, sometimes distractingly so–but it’s a good watch.

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