Doctor’s Visit

Well, I met with Dr. Schena today and things look good so far… I saw the first post-op X-ray of my leg today, I have about 12 pins holding things together in addition to the big-ass metal plate… The x-rays make my leg look like a Watson & Crick model.

He said I didn’t have to use the CPM machine anymore, which is welcome news, and he also removed all the staples, which is ALSO welcome news as the area around them started to get really irritated where it rubbed against the brace. That also means that I can get the area wet again, which means I can bathe quasi-normally again (I have to sit on a little shower stool, but at least that means no more sponge baths).

So to replace the CPM machine I now will have to go to Physical Therapy twice a week and also have an exercise regiment… This is still all to work on my range of motion, I can’t put any weight on my leg more than setting my foot down on the floor… He said that it was going to be 8 weeks from the date of surgery before I could really start putting load on my leg, so I had to make my next appointment with him for 6 weeks from today. He said I can start going back to work, so I might start back next week, we’ll see how things go…

6 thoughts on “Doctor’s Visit

  1. Glad you’re feeling better :) You might want to try and work 1/2 days for the first week or so back at work. You’ll get tired a lot more quickly than you expect, especially having to haul all your weight on crutches. It was about 5 weeks after my achilles surgery before I could work full days (ymmv, I usually have to walk a lot at work).

    1. I can’t really work part time as I live 27 miles from work and can’t drive… I can hopefully hitch a ride with Matt, but if I do I can’t get back from a half day…. So it’s pretty much all or nothing… Fortunately, programmers pretty much sit on their asses all day. :)

  2. Glad to hear you can bathe semi-normally, I know that had to be driving you nuts. I hope you are feeling better and getting better sleep.

    Don’t forget to post a photo of your leg without the staples!!

    Remember, Chicks dig scars.

    1. Sleep is still an issue, but it was great being able to take a shower this morning… It was a little tricky, and I had to be extra-careful of my leg since it was out of the brace, but it was great being able to depend on myself again…

      They put this weird tape stuff over the cut, i gather to protect the little woundlets from the staples.. They said when it starts peeling at the corners it can come off, so when that happens I will take more pictures… :)

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