Matt Girard is a level boss

I was conversing with and Kelly this afternoon and we decided that Matt (a.k.a. ) is invulnerable to mortal attack. The only way to injure him is to enrage him (through the use of video games, the ultimate source of hate) and cause him to injure himself. He is like the level boss in Zelda whom you have to trick to enter the lava so they injure themselves (and, of course, to kill them you must do this three times).

8 thoughts on “Matt Girard is a level boss

  1. Remember that time we had a party and he decided we should fight and before I had a chance to prepare myself he bum rushed me and kicked my ass?

    Little bastard.

    1. And that fucking retard brought the child who couldn’t take care of themselves? Yeah, that party was cool until that jackoff ruined it.

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