The Strange Sensations of a Solvent Company

Well, despite all of my negative expectations regarding the subject, we not only got our yearly bonuses today, but they were much higher than I was expecting.  The past two quarterly meetings the execs were setting up everyone for disappointment, but I guess some business worked out earlier than planned and we ended up hitting our goals and even maxing out a few categories.  So I got a 5.7% bonus, but that’s of my pro-rated salary for last year (since I started in March).  That still works out to quite a pretty penny, which I will use to line up the last stake in my credit card debt, which will subsequently fall to zero next month.  I called today to cancel my old Parda FCU accounts and credit card (from when I worked at Warner-Lambert).  When I got that credit card I needed to have an account with them, so I opened a savings account with 5 dollars in 1996.  In 8-9 years I earned a whopping 69 cents in interest.  :)

3 thoughts on “The Strange Sensations of a Solvent Company

  1. Hehe congrats on the bonus… I’m with a smaller company so the bonuses will probably be harder to come by. I closed out a small credit union account that I had, cashed out $8 ;) I think the teller laughed at me!

      1. Goodrich has paid out every year for many years now… Last year was apparently 6.4%, the year before that in the 7’s, and the year before that it was maxed out at 8%

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