Can’t read him in line at the airport either

So I’m winding down for the night, watching some episodes of my new favorite show, Airline.  I’m watching the episode “Shaken and Stirred”, and one of the segments features a few passengers, shall we say, frustrated that their flight to Las Vegas is cancelled.  While he doesn’t speak, a poker legend (facing the camera wearing the bright blue shirt) is hanging out at the desk listening to the lady bitch at the attendant.  I did a double-take, and did some trick play with the TiVo, but given the destination of the cancelled flight, and the appearance of this passenger, I’m pretty sure it’s Howard Lederer.  I’ve linked the image as well as the video below.

9 thoughts on “Can’t read him in line at the airport either

  1. Grr. People like that chick make me so angry. I simply can’t follow her line of reasoning or what she hopes to attain by dismissing the guy’s apology, whether he means it or not. And the use of confrontational and divisive phraseology like “the flight that you cancelled” instead of “the flight that got cancelled” really irks me. Maybe I was a waiter and a tech support monkey for too long, but people need to understand that the last thing those poor ticket printers need is some fucking static. Bitch.

    1. I agree the lady was a bitch (you should have heard what she said AFTER that clip… “you work 365 days a year, and you get your week off, but you have to spend a whole extra day of travelling because of the airlines… I mean, I thank god I’m not middle class and don’t have to worry about it”… She actually said that! If I have the motivation later I will divx up the whole exchange for your amusement…

      Anyway, defending her a bit, that guy she was bitching at was the supervisor, not the front line, so in reality, even though she was unreasonable, it is his job to put up with that crap…

      1. Yeh, it’s his job to put up with it, but I don’t don’t think it needs to be generated in the first place. I mean I hate people, but I don’t bring the shit unless it’s absolutely necessary.

        I watched the clip again. I am wholly unsurprised that that exchange took place in LA. That woman is precisely what I’m talking about when I say everyone here sucks. They’re almost all like that. And as much as she wants to posture otherwise, she’s pretty middle class.

      2. She actually said that phrase twice – two different ways. She’s “self employed” so she can take a vacation whenever she wants is what she meant to say… but she’s still a raving bitch.

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