Two years????

Last night and I took a trip to the Fenway 13 to see Million Dollar Baby, which was okay.  I really dislike Hilary Swank, but she did a good job in this film.  The movie had it’s high points, but it definitely had it’s low points…  Entire characters (Danger and the Priest come to mind) could have been trimmed while making the film a little less condescending to the viewer.  The first “plot twist” that I had managed to avoid in reviews and such was pretty apparent to me early on in the film (well, not the specifics of the twist, but that something like it was going to happen).  It wasn’t bad, though, but it definitely wasn’t as great as some are making it out to be.

After the film I casually reminded Corinna that we had met exactly two years earlier (but we didn’t start dating for a few months), and I took her to a lovely dinner at India Quality, the best Indian restaurant I’ve ever been to.  I ordered the Butter Chicken (which, Rovia peeps,  is back OFF the menu and I had to special-order it) and Corinna got a Veggie appetizer.  Afterwards we went to Cornwalls for some drinks before heading back to the apartment.  It would have been awesome if Casa Mexico hadn’t closed, as that was the restaurant we hit up the day we first met (not to mention I could go for some good Tamales right now).

2 thoughts on “Two years????

    1. The real problem is remembering when we actually started dating… Of course, she doesn’t seem to care about dates like that all that much, which works in my favor. :P

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