Sucky day so far

I went out at like 2pm yesterday to dig my car out somewhat so I didn’t have to do it all this morning.. That took about 1.5 hours… This morning I had a dentist’s appointment at 8:30a, so I woke up at like 7:20a, took a quick shower, and went down to re-dig out my car (as I knew it’d be plowed in again). I was right, but the snow today was much more dense than yesterday so it was a backbreaking exercise… I was kind of a dick and dug my car out JUST enough to get it out and on the road, I should have cleared out the spot, but I was late for my appointment as it was.

I made it there nearly on time, only because I found easy parking in Cambridge… They took care of business, and I was out of there in 90 minutes. I had my crown installed and two out of three cavities filled. The remaining cavity will be filled next monday. Hopefully now that I’ve started flossing daily my teeth will be less of a problem. It took an hour to get from there to work, most of which spent getting through Alewife and onto Rt. 2. I forgot to bring the faceplate for my car stereo, so it was a frustratingly quiet drive… The quiet drive home is going to suck too…. I am not planning on staying here too late today, though, as I am going to need to find a parking space in Brighton…

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