Should it bother me that it is 1am and I am A) still awake and 2) still unsure if I really want to drive to Rochester tomorrow for this weekends party?  I think so.

Obviously I want to see everyone at the party party, but I just got back from LA, which I went to after just getting back from NJ for xmas, and the prospect of putting another 800 miles on Hawkeye flying solo doesn’t sound terribly appealing..  Then again, I haven’t seen many of the Rochester peeps in quite awhile, so it’d be nice to see them again.  I think this decision would be made much easier if I had someone to be a co-pilot.  doesn’t feel up to the trip, which is another reason not to go (as I haven’t spent much time with her of late due to my travel).

The power of Nick’s is compelling, but it is difficult to override the power of the girlfriend.  :)

4 thoughts on “Lame

  1. I’m heading out for Rochester Saturday morning…coming back on Sunday in time for the Patriots game. You are welcome to ride with me if that schedule works for you. I just bought an Audi A4 so it should be a comfortable ride. :-)

    1. Thanks for the offer, but I think I am going to pass this time around… I’m just not that excited about spending 10 hours in the car this weekend (even if I’m not the one driving)… :)

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