Happy New Year!

Had a great time yesterday, after a bit of a rough start…  Before landed in Boston I needed to get to the store to do some preparations for the party we were throwing…  I headed down to the Alewife area to hit up TRU to get a copy of Outburst that Corinna wanted.  There is a Hippie Mart over there, so I figured I would get my grocery shopping done as well.  Well, it took me like 20 minutes of searching the store to FIND the game, then another 20 minutes to check out.  I made my way through the parking lot over to the supermarket, but there were so many people in the lot that THIS took 20 minutes before I gave up, not having enough time to shop before I had to be at the Airport.

Corinna landed safely, and I was there in time…  We got back to the apartment, after stopping at the River St. Hippie Mart,  and pretty much instantly set about preparing for the party…  I also received my awesome hand-made slippers from Corinna’s Stepsister, ..  Holy crap are they comfortable…  I have to shrink them a bit to fit right, which will require some laundromat maneuvers, but it shouldn’t be that bad even for a laundry gimp like myself.  Everyone started showing up around 7:30pm last night, , , Michelle, Audra, and all came over, and stayed well into the night (Audra spent the night).  We made way too large of a commitment to food and drink preparations, but it wasn’t too bad.  There are lots of leftovers, but they hopefully won’t be leftover for long.  We celebrated the arrival of the new year on the roof of the building, watching the Boston Harbor fireworks in the distance…  The view up there is truly beautiful (if you like cityscapes, that is.. :P).

Woke up pretty late this morning, around noon, but I wasn’t even tired when I tried to sleep at 3am last night, so it took a long while to fall asleep.  I did all the dishes this morning, which was surprisingly not as shitty as I had expected…  Now Corinna and I are going to settle in and watch our first movie of the new year, The Last Samurai, which I’m not expecting to be great, but want to see anyway.

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