Child’s Play

I decided to do something useful with the $100 I won at the Goodrich Holiday Party so I donated a Onyx GBA SP, a “Zelda: Link to the Past” GBA game, and a DVD of Tron to Child’s Play.  For the uninitiated, Child’s Play is a charity organized by the fine fellows of Penny Arcade!, my favorite webcomic.  They created the charity last year to combat all the negative stereotypes of Gamers, as well as to do something good for the Seattle Children’s Hospital.  More than $250,000 worth of games, toys, etc were donated last year.  This year, the charity has expanded to include 4 more children’s hospitals around the country…

I strongly urge you to check out the site, look at the Amazon Wishlists for the hospitals, and see if you can find some extra cash lying around to help some sick kids.

One thought on “Child’s Play

  1. That’s awesome! Great way to spread the joy and make people see that “Guns don’t kill people – Kids who play videogames kill people”, to quote what is also my favorite web comic.

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