The missing PhonePost

I remembered one of the major things I was talking about during the missing PhonePost in my last day in Texas.  Steve and I were driving to dinner, and we passed by this house with all kinds of holiday lights, etc.  On the roof was spelled “Happy Birthday”, and I thought to myself “Who would go to all that trouble for someone’s birthday?”  Then I realized they were wishing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  I’m a heathen.

Saw Bill Maher last night with at the Orpheum.  Was better than I expected, wasn’t much rehash from other times I’ve seen him on TV, and it was way better than the often over-cooked monologues he gives before “Real Time”.  My seat had a spring that was sticking into my ass and tore a hole in them.  I’m going to write a letter to the Orpheum.  In other comic news, Corinna spotted this in the menu for the local chinese take-out place:

Tonight I am heading out with the SNFC to catch Sex is Comedy, and tomorrow I am see Mark Hosler from Negativland give a talk entitled “Adventures in Illegal Art” with Audra and , which should be very interesting.

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      1. Picture a plain flying way over my head.

        Now could you explain these comments? :-) Vegetarian option in chinese food is common, especially in places that service a buddhist community. In Farmington CT there is a place called China Pan that has veggie chicken, beef, scallops, lobster and prawn. There is some debate over the prawn. It might not be totally veggie. They also have veggie BBQ spar-ribbish things that are great tasting.

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