Just to round out the family

I had a second phonepost I left last night that Frank the Goat seems to have lost…  I will try to remember what I said in that post tomorrow, when I am a little less frazzled.  In the time being, it’s nice to be back in Boston.  Here is a stupid internet meme that my sisters did, so I feel obligated to participate in.

  • Using band names, spell out your name.
    • S – Skinny Puppy
    • E – Elvis Costello and the Attractions
    • A – Aphex Twin
    • N – Nine Inch Nails
  • Have you ever had a song written about you? Yes, wrote a silly song for me at this year’s Halloween
  • What song makes you cry? I’ve cried to Talking Heads’ “Heaven” a
    few times.
  • What song makes you happy? Talking Heads’ “Don’t Worry About The
  • What do you like to listen to before bed? Aphex Twin’s “Selected
    Ambient Works Vol. II
  • Appearance
    • Height: 5’10”
    • Hair color: Brown
    • Skin color: Pink
    • Eye color: Blue or Green depending on light, but my license says blue
    • Piercings: None
    • Tattoos: None
  • Right Now
    • What Color Pants are you Wearing? Blue Striped Jammies
    • What Song are you Listening to or Watching? Nothing, but “Right
      Now” by Van Halen is stuck in my head for obvious reasons
    • What Taste is in Your Mouth? Blood (from flossing my teeth for
      the first time in forever)
    • What is the Weather Like? Cold and Rainy
    • How Are You? Swell, now that I am not in Texass anymore
  • Do you:
    • Get Motion Sickness? Funny you ask, I got queasy on the last
      flight today…  Probably because I chugged a margarita before getting on
      the plane.  Normally I only get sick in cars with “floaty” suspensions or
      when reading.
    • Have a Bad Habit? I am addicted to Coke Classic.
    • Get Along With Your Parents? Absolutely
  • Favorites
    • TV Show? Good Eats, of course
    • Magazine? Rolling Stone, I guess, I don’t read many magazines
    • Soda? Coke
    • Thing to do on the Weekend? Lounge, and watch movies with the
  • Have you
    • Broken the Law? Every time I get in my car.
    • Snuck out of the house? Don’t think so…
    • Made a prank phone call? Absolutely
    • Ever tipped over a porta pottie? Nope.
    • Used your parents’ credit card? Nope
    • Skipped School Before? A few times.
    • Fell asleep in the shower/bath? No.
    • Been in a school play? No.
    • Let a friend cry on your shoulder? Yes.
    • Ever had a major regret? Yes.
  • Love
    • Boyfriend? No.
    • Girlfriend? Yes, the lovely and talented
    • Children? Only a few bastards left behind in Rochester
    • Had a hard time getting over someone? Yes.
    • Your greatest regret? The hidden donkey.
  • Random
    • Do you have a job? Finally.
    • Your cd player has in it right now? My car CD player has the new
      U2 cd in it, I believe.
    • If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Gay question.
    • What makes you happy? Airline on A&E
    • Who makes you the happiest? Me.
    • What’s the next cd you’re gonna get? Maybe the remastered Nine
      Inch Nails “The Downward Spiral (Special Edition)?
    • Who do you consider good friends? Admiral Ackbar says this
      question is a traaaap.  I have lots of good friends, but the ones who have
      been there the longest are , Johnny, and James.
  • When/What was the last?
    • Time you cried? I think I got a little misty at “Kinsey” during
      Lynn Redgrave’s scene
    • You got a real letter? Probably when I was
      living in NJ.
    • You got e-mail? I constantly get e-mail.
    • TV Program you watched? Ken Jennings’ Streak-Ender on Jeopardy.
    • Movie you saw at the theater? Kinsey
  • Your thoughts on
    • Abortion? I don’t have a vagina, so I don’t get to make vagina
      rules.  And really, if I were able to make vagina rules, I wouldn’t
      waste my vagina rule on abortion.  I would clearly make a rule having
      something to do with ready and open access to vaginas by me.
    • Teenage smoking? Smoking is vile.
    • Spice Girls? Sporty.
    • Downloading music illegally? I don’t judge, but I think as much
      as the record labels blow, at least the artist gets SOMETHING by buying the
      songs.  IMHO, the bigger the artist, the less I worry about people pirating
      their music.  Small, no-name, indie bands?  Do the right thing.

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