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  1. Shit, the hydrocoptic marzal vanes burned out!

    Holy effing ess is that brilliant. I love how he demonstrates “side-fumbling” with his hand and opens the front panels onto mystery circuit breakers with large guage wiring. My favorites:

    “The original machine had a baseplate pre-famulated emulite surmounted by a malleable logarithmic casing in such a way that the two sperving bearings were in a direct line with a panometric fan.”

    “The lineup consisted simply of six hydrocoptic marzal vanes so fitted to the ambiphasient lunar wane shaft that side-fumbling was effectively prevented.”

    “The main winding was of the normal Lotus-O deltoid type placed in pan-endermic semi-boloid slots of the stater.”

    This is now how I’m describing our uplink facility to FNGs. The funny thing is, the “Rockwell Electric retro-incabulator” looks almost exactly like our MCL HPAs and the product page reads a lot like the video sounds:

    “The RF circuit includes a coaxial input interface, input isolator, solid state intermediate power amplifier with electronic attenuator, Klystron tube, arc detector, output isolator and waveguide interface including filters and couplers.”

      1. Re: Shit, the hydrocoptic marzal vanes burned out!

        showed it to me a few weeks ago when he was up here for Tad and DJ’s wedding, but I had lost it subsequently… I ended up calling him from my parents this weekend when I quasi-remembered it and wanted to show my dad.. I remembered Dez showed me the fake ad, but I couldn’t remember the product name so google was no help… :)

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