Happy Birthday, Firefox!

Web-browser extraordinaire Mozilla Firefox v1.0 has been released today! If you’re looking to grab it, you’ll find that mozilla.org is getting hammered, so you might want to visit one of the mirrors:

I picked up Katamari Damacy last night based solely on the recommendation of Penny Arcade. It’s cracked out, but wicked fun!

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Firefox!

      1. Does that mean I can see a firefox version for ubuntu linux with a version number of 1.0+cvs-svn-rcs-arch-gnu-linux-ubuntu-102.23498.e^2-pi.ubuntu.1.0?

  1. Oh Firefox, let me count the ways I love thee….

    I actually haven’t installed the 1.0 final release yet. 1.0 PR has been working flawlessly for me, but I should probably upgrade anyway.

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