Game 4???

Last night I met up with Adam, Katherine, Wendy, and Todd and went to the Parade of Meat. It was meatalicious…. I didn’t get to Cambridge until 7pm, after working a very-long-day… Afterwards we met up with Rory and watched the game at the People’s Republic… Random thought.

Today I bought Grand Theft Auto Advance for the GBA… I always loved the early, top-down, GTA games, so this should be fun.. And GTA: San Andreas tempts me into buying a PS2.

6 thoughts on “Game 4???

  1. I picked up GTA:SA last night and played about 4 hours of it. If you have an XBOX, I’d wait for that release. If not, you should pick up a PS-Two and get this game. The mechanics and graphics are better than the previous 2 GTA3 games. The only thing I can say against it so far is that I’m not into the early 90’s gang-banger scene. There is a pretty much even mix of curse words and the rest of the english (sorta) language. The music is nicely varied (there is even a country station). Riding bikes is more fun than I thought it would be.

    You’ve got a bit more role-playing type work in the game. You’ve got to eat to regain health, but eat too much and you get fat. You’ve got to develop your driving/biking skill by doing them more and doing specific moves. You’ve also got to build your muscles and stamina by running around and/or working at the gym. You also have a very extensive clothing / looks system for customizing CJ. You can pick his hair style / facial hair, his tattoos, his clothing and even his chains (bling bling).

    And the game is huge. I played 4 hours and got 3% into it. So get your flat-top or cornrows, put on your hi-tops and go cruising in your lowrider.

      1. “Parade of Meat” is our name for the Midwest Grill, in Cambridge.. Its Brasilian Rodizo Barbeque, which is and all you can eat feast of many meats, all of which are skewered on big swords, which are brought to your table by waitrons who carve it for you right at the table.

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